Thursday, November 8, 2012

11/03/2012: Better than mere giving - Dawn Aguilar

Time and money spent in helping men to do more for themselves is far better than mere giving.
~Henry Ford

It is possible to help others in many different ways, as we work to achieve a common goal of happiness that includes good health from the inside out.  The Gerson Institute teaches a philosophy of living with diet as the catalyst for strong health.  The Gerson program aims at teaching participants how to strengthen their bodies agains illness and disease and to maintain a place of equilibrium within the self

Balance, of course, is difficult without a place we call home.  Chad and guest Dawn Aguilar discuss challenges to home ownership. In today's economy, home ownership is very often threatened by existing loan structures and financial difficulties of homeowners.  Successful loan modifications can create more financial security to help people attain a more happy and secure life.

Good health and a happy home are treasures to be enjoyed and shared with others - on and off the dance floor. retain home ownership.

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