Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dance Is Life, Life is Dance

In 2007, we produced and aired the first radio show about dance.  This unique venture was described by Executive Producer Randall Libero as "Oprah meets Dancing with the Stars." Dance is Life, Life is Dance was broadcast internationally via Voice America  and rebroadcast through KFNX in Phoenix, Arizona.

Since 2007 we have interviewed phenomenal dancers and coaches, movement specialists, and self-mastery guides including:
  Bob & Julia Powers             Sylvana & Brian Gallagher
  Arte Phillips                        Danel & Maria Bastone
  Inna Berlizyeva                   Anne Lore Zimmermann 
  Ron Montez                         George Gillas & Virginia Nicholas       
  Forrest Vance                      Ken Heron (Randall Designs)  
  Billy Fajardo                       Diane Jarmolow & Wayne Eng

Descriptions of the shows appear below - look for future links to audio of the shows themsleves!

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